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Best Questions of the Year

on Friday, March 14 2014. Posted by Rabbi Efrem Goldberg

As a community Rabbi, I have the privilege to field halachik questions frequently, both from within our community as well as from without.  Some are straightforward and easy to answer, while others require research, consultation and sometimes even creativity.  In honor of Purim, I thought I would share with you some of my favorite questions that I received this past year.  Out of confidentiality, I have omitted the names of those that posed the questions.

  • There was a glitch on the BRS website and I was able to secure an Emerald Pillar Society Membership that normally goes for $25,000 for only $15.  Is it ok to enjoy the benefits?  Can I tell others about this incredible deal before they notice and fix it?
  • Rabbi – If I spit on you when asking a sheila at the Kiddush because the food is so good I can’t stop eating for a moment, is that a violation of the BRS Civility Policy?
  • Is it permissible to double park in front of Kosher Marketplace during Yeshiva Week or is that only for people from New York?
  • I have a granola bar that says “not for individual sale.” Can I include it in my chametz sale form?
  • When we say in Kol Nidrei that all our vows and pledges past and future are null and void, does that include my pledge to the Kol Nidrei appeal?
  • Is it mechzei k’yuhara to wear tefillin while I tovel in the ocean after the sunrise minyan?
  • Under the new Obamacare law, am I entitled to an aliyah and mi’shebeirach without having to make a pledge?
  • Is it permissible for me to nominate my mother in law for the one-way trip to the Mars space station without her knowledge?
  • I started making tri-colored Challah to go with my tri-colored gefilte fish and tri-colored matzah balls.  Do I have to separate dough from each of the colors or just from one of them?
  • I am looking to host an exiled prince for a meeting to organize a coup.  Is the Shul available this Friday night?
  • I memorized a dvar Torah and want to give it at Shalosh Seudos.  Can the Shul provide a bathtub or does my father have to bring one from home?
  • I am looking for cleaning help who can also pick someone up from the airport and perhaps occasionally bring a small package to Israel.  Do you know of someplace I can post it?
  • Can the BRS security guard carry the Outreach Rabbi in his pocket on Shabbos without an eruv?
  • Do I still need to have “the talk” with my child if they heard “the speech” at the end of the main minyan a few weeks ago?
  • Can I appoint the NSA to be the agents to check my home for chametz?
  • If an Ashkenazi boy has his bar mitzvah on Pesach, can I throw candies that have kitniyos at his head if I am a Sephardi mover (and shaker)?
  • Can I attend the Happy Minyan if I am still sad about how much I had to pay for the Happiness Seminar?

Happy Purim!




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